Colladen 11KW Portable EV Charger 3 Phase 16A Type 2 Electric Vehicle Charger, 8H Schedule charging, Adjustable Current Charging Station with CEE plug

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✅Mobile wallbox 11 kW, no installation:   no installation required, connect to existing CEE plug to max.simple and cost-effective. Works as a stationary wallbox at home or at work and as a portable charger for on the go.

✅3 x faster than household plugs:   with 3-phase CEE 16A plug, you get 11 kW charging power per hour. 3 x faster than normal household Schuko plugs, Save 13 hours by switching from Schuko to CEE Red 16A charger.


✅Wide compatibility:   compatible with most vehicles with type 2 connectors such as ID.3, ID.4, ID.5, e-Golf, e-Up, Fiat 500, Model Y, Model 3, Spring, Kona, Ioniq 5, e-tron, ZOE, i3, i4, 500 Hybrid and other BEV/PHEV.


✅Smart display:    Monitor charging status through display, such as charging amount, charging time, power, current, voltage, etc. If there is an abnormality in charging, screen will automatically report an error. You can adjust charging according to the error report, or consult customer service for solutions.

✅Safe and reliable: Daolar charger has passed CE and RoHs certification Which is highly safe. Charging cable is made of more than 99.5% copper, thus guaranteeing excellent conductivity, fast charging, water resistance and minimal heat generation. With IP65 waterproof & dustproof, it can be used safely in any weather. It can withstand temperatures from -25°C to 50°C, ensuring reliable outdoor use year-round.






Electrical Connectors for EV

Type 2 / IEC62196


5-pin 16A CEE plug (3-phase)

Voltage Range

AC 400V/22V 50/60HZ

Charging Current

16A max (6 10 13 16A Adjustable )

Maximum Power

11KW(3-phase) / 3.5KW(1-phase)

Schedule charging


Cable Length


Cables size


Cable material

Oxygen-free pure copper (TUV certification)

Waterproof & Dustproof


Leakage protection current


Leakage protection action time


Standby power consumption


Type2 plug protection temperature


Over temperature recovery temperature



2 Years

Service Life

>10000 times

Connector material

Nylon + PC

Control box Material

ABS + PC Plastic(flame retardant grade UL94-0)



Safety protection

Leakage, Short circuit, Overheating, Overvoltage, 

Overcurrent, Under-voltage, Lightning, CP abnormal protection


How soon can l receive it?

It ships from china warehouse, it will arrive at your address within 8-15 days.t has no tariffand and VAT.

Is it compatible with my car?

The charger is suitable for al car models. Before purchasingyou need to conirm this infomation:your car charging port (Type 2 or Type1), charger plug, your car maximum power , and whether it supports 3-phase charging.

How long will it take to fully charge my car?

charging time = car battery capacity charging power.

For example: if your car battery capacity is 55kWH and the charging power is tikw,it can be fully charged in about 5H(=55KWH/11KW).

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