Roborock Auto Empty Dock for Roborock S7 Automatic extraction station Intelligent dust extraction Constant suction power 1.8L dust bag-Black

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The Roborock Auto Empty Dock automatically empties the robotic bin when needed. Able to hold up to six weeks of dust, it takes robot vacuuming from just convenient to awesomely convenient. Constant suction power and allergy care certification mean it empties effectively for longer and also keeps fine dust trapped inside.

Automatic dust emptying

Automatically empties the robot dust bin after cleaning.

Now you can clean week after week without emptying.

Certified constant suction power

A 15-cyclone design separates dust from the airflow.

It is certified by TÜV Rheinland for its constant suction power, which ensures efficient emptying of the robot dustbin.

1.8L Dust Bag holder.

Empty it clean and keep the bin clean. As easy to replace as it is to take out.

Easy to wash

The front and rear filters and dustbin are removable and washable to improve hygiene.

Intelligent dust extraction

Intelligent dust extraction algorithms adapt emptying to usage to ensure the most uninterrupted emptying possible.

Bin detection

Automatic bin detection prevents accidental emptying if the robot docks when no bin is attached.

Integrated cable management

Store the supplied 1.8 m cable neatly in the integrated cable management system.

Electrode cleaning brushes

Brushes attached to the base of the docking station clean the robot's charging electrodes each time it docks.

Package includes:

1 * dust collection seat host; 1 * dust collection base; 1 * power cord; 1 * screwdriver for assembly; 1 * special dust box


RoborockAuto Empty Dock für Roborock S7 Automatische Absaugstation Intelligente Staubabsaugung Konstante Saugleistung 1.8L Staubbeutel

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