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Product Features

2 modes and ingenious design: Direct suction mode, Soothing suction modewhen the curve between the tip and the body is 30 °, the tip more closely fits the skin of the face, better adapts to the contours of the nose, and works more flexible.

3 suction settings for different skin, the suction is mainly for dry skin, the suction is mainly for combination skin, the suction is mainly for oily skin. Tip: Do a suction test on your arms before use, and then choose the appropriate set for facial care.

4 beautification nozzles for cleansing different areas: 1. large-diameter suction head: Suitable for large-area of blackhead-shaped areas; diameter suction head: Suitable for fragile sensitive areas; 3.oval-hole suction head: Lifts the face, Tightens the skin; 4. acne cleansing head: Nozzle shape adapted for acne-affected skin.

Polymer battery core + smart air valve: Powerful polymer battery that provides powerful suction; smart air valve designs, say goodbye to blackheads, and experience a new world of "clean" skin.

Pimple cleaning nozzle: The inface blackhead remover comes with a professionally designed special nozzle for acne cleansing. Deep cleansing while preventing infection by bacteria, and thereby protecting your health.


After cleaning, apply hot towel for 3-5 minutes to relax the pores.

1. Double-press the touch button to turn on, press and hold to select the direct or soothing suction mode, perform a suction test on your hand, and then press the touch button to select the appropriate setting.
2. Move the device accordingly after applying it to the skin. Do not leave it stationary for long periods.
3. After clearing the blackheads, press the touch button twice to turn off the machine, and use wet wipes or water to clean the area to which suction was applied.

We recommend fully soak the cotton pad with the blackhead softening liquid, and apply the cotton pad to the nose for 8-10 minutes.

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