Mobile air conditioner 9000 BTU/h,dehumidifier,with exhaust air function, exhaust air hose. Remote control/APP control/3 operating modes/for rooms up to 100 m³, 24-hour efficiency class A

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Energy Advantage

This mobile air conditioner is more energy-saving as an outstanding feature than other like product which energy efficiency level is A. It means that the power consumption of this air conditioner is extremely low. With R290 refrigerant which does not contain toxic and harmful substance, it is so friendly to the environment and climate.

Prominent Performance

With built-in powerful compressor, the refrigerating capacity of this mobile air conditioner is 9000BTU/h (≈2637W ), and the power consumption is 1003W. Thus, this mobile air conditioner can remain cool comfortably at 100 cubic meters. In this situation, this air conditioner is suitable for using in kitchen, temporary-resided, computer rooms, garages, and many other daily places.

Humanization Design

For ease of use, this mobile air conditioner has several thoughtful details on design. This air conditioner has drain hose, dust filter, handle, 2-speed fan, remote control, connecting device of window, and casters for easy mobility. And this air conditioner will shut off automatically when water tank is full, overload protection. Auto defrosting function at low ambient temperatures.

Remote Control & Digital Display

Users can control this air conditioner effortlessly via remote control, including on and off, increase and decrease the desired temperature (16℃~32℃) or timer setting etc. Users can set the timer in 24 hours. This air conditioner has an accessible LED display with control function. Moreover, users can download an application on their cellphone to control this mobile air conditioner.

Multi-functional design

Users can switch the operation mode between cool, fan, dry and sleep mode by LED display or via remote control. And the wind speed can be adjusted in high or low by SPEED button. With 24 hour built-in time, Users can automatically turn on or off the machine according to actual needs. with Child LOCK function, maloperation by kids can be avoided.


This powerful mobile air conditioner is an ideal choice for your comfortable routines. It has multiple functions to meet variety of requirements in your daily life. This mobile air conditioner stands out in terms of energy saving, and the R290 refrigerant what this air conditioner use doesn’t contain toxic and harmful substance to guarantee the environment and climate won’t be hurt. The excellent performance of this mobile air conditioner allow users can put it in many different scenarios, such as kitchen, temporary-resided, computer rooms, garages, and so on. This air conditioner is suitable for the places where installation of Air-conditioner Outdoor Unit is limited. The designer of this mobile air conditioner made many thoughtful designs for users to make most people get the enjoyment of using.

Selling Points

  • This mobile air conditioner uses R290 refrigerant which is friendly to the environment and climate due to without toxic and harmful substance.
  • The energy efficiency level is A to meet the strict requirements on energy-saving.
  • 9000BTU/h (≈2600W ) refrigerating capacity and 1003W power consumption ensure excellent performance.
  • The drain hose, dust filter, handle, 2-speed fan, connecting device of window, and casters for easy mobility guarantee the comfortable using experiences.
  • The accessible LED display with room temperature and timer setting to allow users monitor this air conditioner at real time.
  • Remote control helps users control this air conditioner effortlessly, and LOCK mode can prevent maloperation by kids in daily life.
  • There are four modes, namely cool, fan, dry and sleep, to meet different requirements of users.

Product Specifications

Packaging dimension: 40.5cm *37.8cm *88.4 cm

Product expansion size: 31.5cm *32cm *70 cm

Net weight: 23.5kg

Gross weight: 27kg

Refrigerating capacity: 9000BTU/h

Power consumption: 1003W

Temperature: 16℃~32℃

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