Mobile air conditioner 12000BTU with remote control, APP control (WiFi), 4-in-1 mobile air conditioner, dehumidifier, ventilation function, cooling, 24-hour timer, energy efficiency class A, up to 100 m³.

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Energy-efficient Advantage

This mobile air conditioner has a white body with black trim, and it has excellent energy-saving performance due to A energy efficiency level. The power consumption of this air conditioner is relatively low. Environmental protection R290 refrigerant is used in this mobile air conditioner leads to it is friendly to the environment and climate.

Powerful Cooling Performance

To ensure the outstanding performance, the refrigerating capacity of this mobile air conditioner is 12000Btu/h (≈3500W), and the power consumption is 1337W/H. In this case, this mobile air conditioner can remain cool effortlessly at 100 cubic meters or 30 square meters. This mobile air conditioner is suitable for kitchen, temporary-resided, computer rooms, garages, and many other places where installation of Air-conditioner Outdoor Unit is limited.

Humanized Design

Several thoughtful design details can guarantee the easy of usage of this mobile air conditioner. This mobile air conditioner has dust filter, handle, roller, 3-speed fan, remote control and casters for easy mobility. We have included two easy-to-install window venting kits with our AC unit to fit either slide or hinged windows using the step-by-step instructions provided. Its space-saving design also ensures minimal intrusion.

4-in-1 Multifunctional

The four main functions of this mobile air conditioner, namely cool, fan, dry, sleep. Users can lower the temperature in the room via the cool mode of this air conditioner. The temperature can be set between 16℃ to 32℃. The fan has three speeds, and you can choose the appropriate ventilation mode for air circulation. Users can set the timer in 24 hours.

APP control& Remote Control

This mobile air conditioner can be controlled by a remote control and the “Smart Life” app. The remote control can start-up and shutdown the air conditioner, and the four-operation mode can be switched via it also. The “Smart Life” app is available for android and iOS. Users can scan the corresponding QR code in the user manual to get directly to the download. Users can operate the appliance using the “Smart Life” app once the appliance has been successfully connected.


This mobile air conditioner with A energy efficiency level is a great cooling solution for single rooms, creating a comfortable atmosphere in your space. It has ventilation and dehumidifying function for circulating air and remove of moisture as well. Users can move this air conditioner to the space in which it is most needed since it has a self-contained system that do not require any permanent installation. This portable air conditioner is generally used in kitchen, temporary-resided, computer rooms, garages, and many other places where installation of Air-conditioner Outdoor Unit is limited. The temperature in the room can be set between 16℃ to 32℃. Users can set the timer in 24 hours. The environmentally friendly R290 is used as the refrigerant. R290 has no damaging influence on the ozone layer, a negligible greenhouse effect and is available worldwide. Users can control this portable air conditioner via a remote control or “Smart Life” app easily.

Selling Points

✔R290 refrigerant used in this mobile air conditioner which is friendly to the environment and climate due to without toxic and harmful substance.

✔A energy efficiency level can meet the requirement of excellent energy-saving performance.

✔12000Btu/h (≈3500W) refrigerating capacity and 1337W/H power consumption ensure outstanding performance.

✔The accessible LED display with room temperature and timer setting to allow users monitor this air conditioner at real time.

✔High capacity in a compact size with cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating function, and the sleep mode can be activated when in cool mode.

✔APP, remote control, LED display button control, provide more choices and convenience for use.

✔4-in-1 portable mobile air conditioner with 4 modes of dehumidification, cooling, fan, 24-hour timer.

Packaging dimension: 51.5*46.8*88.4cm

Product expansion size: 44*33*79.5cm

Net weight: 30.2kg

Gross weight: 34.4kg

Refrigerating capacity: 12000BTU

Power consumption: 1337W/H

Temperature: 16℃~32℃

For room up to: 100 m³

Control method: Remote control, touch, APP(Wi-Fi)

Color: White

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