Roborock Dyad Wireless Wet and Dry Smart Vacuum Cleaner - Rechargeable All-in-One Vacuum Mop with Dual Tank Design Self-Cleaning LED Display for Hard Floors

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Roborock Dyad Wet dirt.Dry dirt.Dyad removes both.

● Removal of dry and wet dirt.
● With DyadPower
● Comprehensive cleaning
● Flexible cleaning head
● Easy self-cleaning
● Long reach

Against wet and dry dirt
DyadPower removes wet and dry dirt in just one pass. The world's only wet and dry vacuum with two motors and multiple cleaning rollers*.

Precise cleaning at the edges
More rollers for more thorough cleaning*. A full-length main roller and two rear cleaning rollers provide concentrated cleaning power, even to the left and right of the cleaning head. So dirt doesn't stand a chance.

The flexible cleaning head is child's play to maneuver around any piece of furniture.

No more struggle. Two rollers turn in opposite directions, making it completely effortless to pull or push the vacuum. Both are completely effortless.

Smarter than average
Adaptive cleaning automatically applies more suction and water to remove stubborn dirt.

Not just for splashes and stains
A powerful battery lasts for 35 minutes of continuous use and an area of 284 m²*. In the process, you can clean 108 m² without having to empty the dirty water tank.

Floor drying mode
Want to dry damp bathroom floors? Simply switch to floor drying mode and soak up the water at maximum power setting.

Goodbye dirty water
The high suction power simply makes dirty water disappear - for clean and dry floors.

Even stronger cleaning
Specially developed cleaning solution with twice the cleaning power.

No cleaning after cleaning
Simply clean the rollers at the touch of a button. Your hands stay clean.

Practical voice messages
Need to refill water? There was a problem? Just pay attention to the voice messages. You don't have to remember symbols or look them up in the manual.


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